Sim Daltonism and Retina displays

With the advent of Retina displays, it became necessary for me to update the code capturing pixels on the screen in order for my color blindness simulator app to work correctly. I had code that was supposed to manage with hi-resolution before, but OS X changed the way it was negotiating resolution with applications before shipping Retina displays, leaving the old way to be never used at all. So the things I did in 2007 to future-proof the app didn’t work at all and had to be redone.

It’s actually a good thing the older APIs managing user interface scaling depending on the screen resolution were never used. I’m realizing now that they were full of shortcomings. For instance, even at integral scale factors, there was nothing to deal with having two screens with different scaling, even less for windows moving from one screen to the other and changing scale factor. So I’m quite happy Apple changed things.

But now I have to release an update. This new update is available as a free app on the Mac App Store. Enjoy!

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