Counterparts Lite

For a few years I’ve been working on an application to facilitate the translation of Mac and iOS apps to various languages and locales. My main problem has always been establishing the perfect workflow for the developers and the translators. I haven’t yet figured it all out, unfortunately.

But one part of this bigger project is already quite good in my opinion, and I think I’d be a shame not to let anyone use it. So today I’m releasing this part as a smaller separate app.

Have a look at Counterparts Lite, the string table editor.

It’s not meant only for translators: Counterparts Lite is a full editor for string tables. It lets you add, reorder, and erase entries in the string table. It also permits comments anywhere and has plenty of keyboard shortcuts so you can keep your hands on the keyboard. Counterparts Lite can open binary (compiled) string tables too.

For translators there’s a side-by-side view where you choose a reference file. The edited file will then follow the same structure as the reference. Translating becomes a job of filling the holes. If there is only a few holes they’re easy to find using the filter control at the top.

Counterparts Lite is available for $6.99 on the Store or on the Mac App Store.

P.S.: If you’re interested in translating this app, let me know.


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