Counterparts Lite Update

There’s an update available today for Counterparts Lite. Here’s what’s new in version 1.3.2.

Squashed Bugs

The first has something to do with the currently-edited text not being saved if you close the document window before exiting the text editing mode. I’m pretty sure I saw someone complain about this a while ago in a review in the Mac App Store, but with the review lacking specifics and having no way to interact with the poster I failed to locate the problem.

The second could cause the app to misbehave after editing a key in a .strings file if the key is already present in the document. An alert would appear asking you what to do, and everything went wrong after that. That’s all fixed now.


For customers getting Counterparts Lite directly from the website (as opposed to getting it from the Mac App Store), you will notice that it now includes an auto-update feature.

30-day Free Trial

If you’re not a customer (yet), you can just download the app to start your free trial of 30 days. Visit the Counterparts Lite website to learn more.

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