The D/Objective-C Bridge

Note: This project been superseded by a language extension project, see D/Objective-C.


D/Objective-C 0.2 (82 Kb)
Second release of the D/Objective-C bridge Xcode project. January 10, 2008.

You can track the development of this project using the Git repository mirror accessible from


The D/Objective-C bridge allows D programs to use transparently Objective-C classes and the Cocoa framework of Mac OS X. Objective-C objects can be manipulated by D code as if they were D objects, D objects are seen on the Objective-C side as genuine Objective-C objects; this is the essence of the bridge.

The D/Objective-C bridge currently includes wrappers for a limited number of Cocoa classes and is in a very early state. It is not much documented either, although if you want to learn more about it, I suggest you read the introduction I wrote on my weblog, or you can simply read the code.

How to Use

GDC version 0.24 is required to compile the bridge (I recommend these excellent Mac OS X packages). Integration with Xcode is done using the D for Xcode plugin.


Mailing List

There is a mailing list to discuss the D/Objective-C bridge. All topics having something to do with the bridge may be posted there. This includes questions, comments, suggestions, and anything interesting you can think of. Everyone is welcome to join.

It is my hope that the discussions on this list will help improve the bridge for the future so that perhaps one day it’ll become usable for real-world applications.


Version History

D/Objective-C 0.2

D/Objective-C 0.1


The D/Objective-C bridge is available under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 3.0.

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