Gamma Control: Launch at Login

The new version 6.1 of Gamma Control released today has one new feature: a checkbox to automatically launch at login. It was possible to launch Gamma Control at login earlier by adding it to the login items in System Preferences, but this is not very reliable on modern versions of macOS.

By making the feature part of the app, this should work better. In particular, with this checked, the app will not fall into a sort of zombie state where it looks open but it’s just the system lying to you in order to save ressources used by apps that have no window open.

Version 6.1 is a free update for users of version 6.0. Customers with a branded version can request an update to the customized app.

High Sierra

macOS 10.13 High Sierra is coming next week. I usually don’t have much to say about new macOS releases since everything continues to work normally. This year is a bit different however. Here’s how my apps are affected.

Counterparts Lite

The filter control at the top of the window showing you how many rows are in each state wasn’t displaying correctly with High Sierra. The calculation for the size of each cell was inconsistent at times causing some numbers to change into “…” when displayed. This has been fixed in version 1.5.1 released today.

Black Light & Gamma Control

Since the 10.12.4 update of macOS Sierra, the invert filter of Black Light stopped working on many hardware configurations. This was due to a bug in macOS which has been fixed in High Sierra. You don’t need to update Black Light: just upgrade to High Sierra to get the invert filter to work again.

The same thing was happening with Gamma Control when values for all channels of the black point were higher than those of the white point (effectively inverting the screen). Upgrading to High Sierra fixes this issue.

Sim Daltonism & Red Stripe

Moving the filter window by dragging it from the title bar was not working in High Sierra due to a change in how mouse events are propagated. Update to Sim Daltonism 2.0.2 and Red Stripe 2.0.2 published today to fix the issue.

Counterparts Lite 1.5

This is a small update to Counterparts Lite introducing a new feature and an improvement to how row states are calculated.

Find & Replace lets you quickly change a word or phrase everywhere in a document. It shows you a nice preview of the changes. You can choose whether to apply the change or not for each row. And there’s a useful checkbox to automatically capitalize the first letter of your replacement text when the text it replaces begins with a capital.

Empty strings now count as not translated. In previous versions, the presence of a string (empty or not) counted as a translated string. This however was confusing because if you edited an empty row without changing anything in it, it would then be marked as translated. You could still undo the change or delete the string from the Table menu.

More bug fixes and small improvements are detailed on the What’s new page.

Gamma Control 6 + Gamma Board

There isn’t a lot to change about a small app that has been working well for more than 15 years. Common wisdom would say that you shouldn’t change what works.

This new version comes with a couple of small improvements. For instance, you can click the calibration pattern to make it appear bigger in a separate window. Touch Bar support has been added for the proud owners of the newest MacBook Pros. Up and Down arrow keys will now increase and decrease the value in the selected field.

And you could call it a visual overhaul the fact that there is now a dark mode and it is enabled by default.

But for some of you, the most important feature of Gamma Control 6 will not be one of these small incremental improvements. If Gamma Control remains the reliable Mac app that changes little over the years, its new companion iOS app Gamma Board could change deeply how you interact with it.

Bluetooth keyboards are sometimes a convenient way to configure Gamma Control. It’s convenient that you can take a few steps back and hit tab and the arrow keys to adjust the colors while looking from afar. And calibrating from a distance is quite handy if you are about to include the screen in a shot and wants to look at the resulting colors through your camera.

But a Bluetooth keyboard isn’t that great of a remote either. It only operates when Gamma Control is the frontmost app. If you have multiple monitors it’ll only work for the current one. And most of its keys serve no purpose other than take space making the device less portable when operating Gamma Control. To improve all this, Gamma Board was created.

Gamma Board is the equivalent of a lighting board for an array of screens. It communicates with Gamma Control via Wi-Fi and lets you adjust all your screens from your iOS device. You can see and edit the settings of each screen, move the sliders, and save and restore settings for a set of screens belonging to multiple Macs all at once. All from one device you can put in your pocket. It’s easy to setup over the local network. And it’s super convenient for making screen adjustments from a distance.

If any of this seems appealing to you, take a look at the product pages for Gamma Board and Gamma Control 6.

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