Black Light Pro

Color effects on a schedule.

Add visual effects on your screen to rest your eyes or to have fun. Setup your effects and switch when needed with a hot key or at predetermined times, including sunrise or sunset.

Compose your Effects

Each effect can include a mix of dimming, tinting, and inverting the screen. Compose your own. Invert and make the screen all-red if you’re into astronomy. Tint with orange-yellow to help you sleep better, or blue to keep you awake.

Additional effects you can include in the mix: overexposure (making light grays white) and HDTV Luminance 16-235 correction (to adjust your colors for your TV set).

Timer, Sunrise & Sunset Activation

Effects can be automatically triggered based on your Mac’s clock or your local time for sunrise and sunset. You can chain multiple transitions to change colors as you like throughout the day.

If your Mac is asleep or Black Light Pro is not open at the time an effect was supposed to activate, it will catch up as if it was open the whole time.

Smooth Transitions

Don’t get hit by a sudden color change! Each effect includes two configurable fade-in durations. One for manual actions and one for timer actions. In other words, if you hit a hot key, you don’t want to wait for a slow transition whereas when it happens automatically, you might want a more subtle fade.

Effects That Stick

Black Light Pro generates a color profile for the screen after every transition. This makes it much less likely you will get flashed with “normal colors” when something else disables the effect by altering the gamma curve. This is ideal if you use applications or games that sometimes reset the gamma curve.

The original color profile is restored automatically when you quit Black Light Pro.

Comprehensive Multi-Screen Support

Have more than one screen? No problem. Different screens can have different effects applied to them. Each effect has its own set of screens it applies to when you press its hot key or when the timer activates it.

On the Menu

The dock menu will show you the list of available effects. From there, you can make effects active or inactive even if they don’t have a hot key. You can also move the Black Light Pro icon to the menu bar, freeing space in your dock.

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macOS 10.11 El Captain or later.

The invert filter does not work in macOS Sierra 10.12.4 through 10.12.6 due to a bug in macOS. Upgrade to High Sierra to get a functioning invert filter.

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