Black Light Pro: FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Black Light Pro. If your question is not answered here or you experience problems, please get in touch or .

What is the use of the « Apply to color profile » option?

Sometimes, another app or a system event (such as plugging a new screen) can reset colors. This reset restores the curve using each screen’s color profile. By changing the color profile, Black Light Pro ensures such resets won’t affect the effect it has applied. Otherwise the effect would vanish for a few seconds until it gets reapplied by Black Light Pro.

Changing the color profile forces all windows on screen to be redrawn, even if Black Light Pro’s change wouldn’t really need it. This can make the computer a bit sluggish after a transition or a change in the effect’s settings, especially when a lot of windows are open.

Black Light Pro closed abnormally and the effect is still in place

Black Light Pro restores the color profile when it quits. If you force quit the app, or if it crashes, it won’t have a chance to restore the normal profile. To fix things, you can relaunch Black Light Pro, wait a few seconds, then quit it. Alternatively, you can open System Preferences, in the Screens pane, under the Colors tab, and choose your normal screen color profile there.

Is Black Light Pro on the Mac App Store?

No, only the regular version of Black Light is in the App Store. The Pro version cannot be in the App Store because the more sophisticated way it uses to apply its effects (using a color profile) is not possible within the sandbox.

I already purchased Black Light, do I get a discount?

Yes, but only if you bought from this website. Purchases on the App Store are not eligible for upgrade pricing.

To get your discount, check the Upgrade from Black Light checkbox on the purchase page.

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