Black Light 2.0, Gamma Control 4.0

The last major update of Gamma Control was 8 years ago, and Black Light never had a big update. That’s because I’ve always thought these apps to be pretty much feature complete. I could have said the same about Black Light, which never had a version 2.0 in even more time.

Yet, over the years, there were two recurring feature requests that applied to both of these apps:

  1. Having the ability to remove the dock icon and show an icon in the menu bar.

  2. Having a hot key to activate and deactivate the effect from Black Light or Gamma Control from anywhere.

I think those make a worthy bump in version number, and I’m happy to announce today the release of Black Light 2.0 and Gamma Control 4.0.

In addition to the above features, Black Light 2.0 includes a fix for a rare issue with the color filter that appeared on Mavericks. More details on the Black Light web page.

As for Gamma Control 4.0, the layout layout has changed slightly to make room so I could add a global luminance slider for the white and black points. More details on the Gamma Control web page.

Gamma Control and Black Light are available for $6.99 each. You can buy it on the Store or on the Mac App Store. This is also a free upgrade for anyone who purchased the previous version.

Visit each application’s web page for more details:

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