Black Light and Gamma Control on the Mac App Store

Time flies. I published my first OS X app 12 years ago. That was for Mac OS X Public Beta in year 2001. At the time, I wasn’t satisfied with the default gamma setting of OS X on my orange clamshell iBook, and thus came the first version of Gamma Control.

After the official release of OS X, I got a couple requests for improvements and new features, which brought version 2 of Gamma Control and a newcomer: Black Light. It was fun to do them, and not too time consuming to maintain them so I did.

To tell the truth, I’ve never used much neither of these apps since OS X 10.0 came out, even though I’ve been maintaining them all this time. And I’ll admit I’ve been maintaining them a little less than I should have been in the past few years. Perhaps giving those two apps for free has something to do with that.

Today I’m releasing version 3.1 of Gamma Control, which fixes a long standing bug where the gamma correction was applied at times it shouldn’t and makes the color targets friendlier to Retina displays. I’m also releasing Black Light 1.8 with an option to disable the effect when a screensaver starts. Both of these apps are now available on the Mac App Store for $5.99.

Previous versions are still available for free, mainly as a convenience for those with pre-10.6 OS X. I’m not going to hide them very far and they are still working with current OS X. But if you are using Black Light and Gamma Control, please consider purchasing them. That will keep me motivated to continue adjusting them as OS X evolves, and the Mac App Store will keep the apps updated for you.

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