Red Stripe 3: Repainting Colors

Red Stripe has been a good help for red-green color blind people needing to differentiate between those two colors. Red-green is the most common form of color blindness, but there is also a blue-yellow one (tritanopia) that could benefit from its own kind of stripes.

With Red Stripe 3 you can now display stripes over blue. This makes the stripe offering pretty complete.

One principle I had in mind when first making the app is that superposing stripes would help because it would tell you on which side of the spectrum the color is (red or green) while at the same time it would not alter the color between the stripes. I don’t think there is much remaining to research on this front though, so I looked at other kinds of filters that could be useful.

Red Stripe now includes three color alteration filters:

  • Hue Shift will rotate the hue 180° (looking at a standard RGB color wheel). Blue and yellow exchange place, red exchange place with cyan, green becomes purple. This shift color details to some other colors you may be more sensible to.

  • Luminance Flip will invert what is dark and what is light, without changing the hue. This one is probably more of a general vision helper than something related specifically to color blindness. You may also combine this filter with Hue Shift to get a fully negative image.

  • Vibrancy Boost will make all the colors pop out of your screen!… figuratively. This is mostly an increase in color saturation, but it’ll also make less saturated colors slightly darker too. This should be useful for those with a partial color blindness.

All these filters are now available in the iOS and the Mac version of Red Stripe.

Red Stripe 3 for Mac is $4.99 USD and the iOS version is $2.99 USD. Version 3 is a free upgrade for those who own a previous version.

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