Gamma Control: FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about Gamma Control. If your question is not answered here or you experience problems, please get in touch or .

Is there a difference between the Mac App Store version and the direct version?

The direct version has two advantages:

I have a license for an older version of Gamma Control. Must I pay again?

If you purchased Gamma Control 5 from this website:

Use the Upgrade checkbox on the buy page to test for eligibility.

If you purchased version 5 from the Mac App Store, you will need to pay full price to get the new version. It is not possible to offer a special price for upgrades for licences purchased through Apple.

I get an alert about too many instances on the network. What is this?

When you enable remote configuration in the preferences, Gamma Control announces itself on the local network. If it detects that the number of running Gamma Control instances using the same license reaches the number of copies allowed by the license, remote configuration will be disabled.

You can reenable remote configuration from the preferences after quitting the excess copies that were running elsewhere on the network. Or if you need all these copies running at the same time, please purchase a license for number of copies you need.

Note that for the Mac App Store version of Gamma Control only one instance can enable remote configuration on the local network at a time. You will need the direct version to allow remote configuration on more Macs on the same network.

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